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Who flew first?

Order the new book, “Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight”, by Susan O’Dwyer Brinchman (2015), signed by the author, in a beautiful print copy.

“Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight” is a first edition, providing the updated proof of Gustave Whitehead’s successful powered flights, with full documentation!

“This book needs to be in the library of everyone who is interested in early aviation. No serious historian should be without it.
The evidence that Gustave Whitehead flew at least by 1901 is overwhelming. It is well done, well presented, well organized, and engrossing.” (Amazon Review)

History lovers, aviation enthusiasts, students, and scholars will enjoy this informative, very detailed, new volume, which explains the basis for Whitehead’s “first in flight” claim, including compelling, newly discovered evidence for his first flights. This is a first edition that will likely become very collectible, especially when signed by the author. Written by a longtime professional educator and Whitehead researcher, “Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight” is also suitable as a reference for use in schools, grades 7-college level.

Specs: Softcover, 8″ x 1″ x 10″, 2.3 lbs., 436 pages, with 14 chapters, 192 figures illustrations, 842 endnotes, and an index. ISBN-13: 978-0692439302

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“Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight” FAQ

Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight (back cover)

Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight (back cover)